Membership: monograph agreement

The ASA agreed a new contract on our conference volumes following the severance of our long-standing relationship with Routledge. ASA Monographs are now published by Berg and have become one of the benefits of your annual subscription to the ASA.  By including an annual monograph in your subscription, we have been able to assure our publisher of a substantial sales base, while securing a reduction for our members of almost 50% on cover and postage price.

ASA Monographs are also sold through book shops and directly to libraries, as previously, and the ASA will receive a generous net royalty on these sales which we shall transfer to the Radcliffe-Brown Fund (where it will continue to fund bursaries for postgraduate research students in social anthropology).  The paperback will be exclusively available to ASA members for a year (since monographs will be launched in a hardback library edition initially).

So while your subscription to the ASA remains unchanged (for the ninth consecutive year), we now ask most of our membership to increase their standing orders if they haven't already done so, to reflect the cost of ASA Monograph volume which you will receive automatically on its publication.

For UK resident members please add 15 pounds per annum.
For those resident in continental Europe please add 23 pounds per annum.
For those resident in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada or the USA, please add 25 pounds per annum.

The monograph is not included as a membership benefit for the following membership categories: honorary, retired, members in Africa/Caribbean/Asia.  However if you wish you can purchase it at these aforementioned preferential prices.  Email admin(AT) if this is the case

Should you not presently pay by standing order, please consider doing so since chasing subscriptions paid by other means places a burden upon our administration.