ASA Conferences

The ASA organises an Annual Conference on a specific theme, which is usually held during the Easter vacation at a UK university. The conferences have their own section within this website, accessible from links on this page, and panel/paper proposal and registration are all done using online forms. The panel/paper abstracts are made available online, and can be edited by the convenors/authors via the Login link above. Every ten years the ASA holds a Decennial Conference which is international in scope.

If you are considering applying to organise an ASA conference, please see the Conference guidelines.

Forthcoming conferences

ASA2018 in Oxford: a UKAN conference

Title: Sociality, matter, and the imagination: re-creating Anthropology
Convened by: David Gellner and colleagues
Location: University of Oxford, 18th-21st September 2018
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Past ASA conferences

ASA2017 in Adelaide: a joint ASA/AAS/ASAANZ conference

Title: Shifting States
Convened by: Alison Dundon and Richard Vokes
Location: University of Adelaide, 11th-15th December 2017
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ASA2016 in Durham

Title: Footprints and futures: the time of anthropology
Convened by: Elisabeth Kirtsoglou and Bob Simpson
Location: University of Durham, 4-7 July 2016
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ASA2015 in Exeter

Title: Symbiotic anthropologies: theoretical commensalities and methodological mutualisms
Convened by: Samantha Hurn, Ann Kelly, Tom Rice, Katharine Tyler
Location: University of Exeter, 13th-16th April 2015
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ASA2014: Decennial Conference in in Edinburgh

Title: Anthropology and Enlightenment
Convened by: The STAR consortium
Location: The Surgeons' Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, 19th-22nd June 2014
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There was no annual conference in 2013, as the ASA supported the IUAES2013 world congress in Manchester

Title: Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds
Convened by: John Gledhill, University of Manchester
Location: University of Manchester, 5th-10th August 2013
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The plenaries/keynotes were filmed and are available online. This includes the Firth Lecture, by Lourdes Arizpe (National Autonomous University of Mexico), "Arbitrating Collective Dreams: Anthropology and the New Worlding".

ASA2012 in Delhi

Title: Arts and aesthetics in a globalising world
Convened by: Susan Visvanathan and Parul Mukherji, JNU
Location: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, 3rd-6th April 2012
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ASA2011 in Lampeter

Title: Vital powers and politics: human interactions with living things
Convened by: Penny Dransart, Prifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant / University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Location: Prifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant / University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 13-16 September 2011
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ASA2010 in Belfast

Title: The Interview – theory, practice, society
Convened by: Dr Jonathan Skinner, and Dr Dominic Bryan, Dept of Anth, Queen’s University Belfast
Location: Queen's University , Belfast, 13th-16th April, 2010
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ASA 2009 in Bristol

Title: Anthropological and archaeological imaginations: past, present and future
Convened by: Dr David Shankland, Dept of Arch and Anth, University of Bristol
Location: University of Bristol, 6th-9th April, 2009
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ASA 2008 in Auckland

Title: Ownership and appropriation
Convened by: Professor Veronica Strang and Dr Mark Busse
Location: University of Auckland, New Zealand, 8th-12th December, 2008
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ASA 2007 in London

Title: Thinking through tourism
Convened by: Professor Tom Selwyn and Dr Julie Scott
Location: London Metropolitan University, England, April, 2007
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ASA 2006 in Keele

Title: Cosmopolitanism and anthropology
Convened by: Professor Pnina Werbner and Dr Sean McCloughlin
Location: Keele, England, 10-13 April, 2006
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ASA 2005 in Aberdeen

Title: Creativity and cultural improvisation
Convened by: Professor Tim Ingold and Dr Elizabeth Hallam
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland, April 4 - 7, 2005
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ASA 2004 in Durham

Title: Locating the Field: Metaphors of Space, Place and Context in Anthropology
Convened by: Dr Simon Coleman and Dr Peter Collins
Location: Durham, England, March 29-April l, 2004
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Future Fields - national conference on fieldwork for graduate students and junior researchers

Location: Oxford, December 17-19, 2003
This was partially funded by the ASA.
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ASA 2003: Decennial Conference in Manchester

Title: Anthropology and Science
Convened by: Profs Penny Harvey, Peter Wade and Dr Jeanette Edwards
Location: Manchester University, 14th - 18th July.
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ASA 2002

Title: Perspectives on Time and Society: Experience, Memory, History
Convened by: Professor Wendy James and Dr David Mills
Location: Arusha, Tanzania, 8 - 10 April.
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The following earlier conferences do not have further information available online.

ASA 2001

Title: Rights and Entitlements
Convened by: Drs. Richard Wilson and Jon Mitchell
Location: University of Sussex Mar 30th - Apr 2nd.

ASA 2000

Title: Participating in Development: Approaches to Indigenous Knowledge
Convened by: Drs. Paul Sillitoe (Durham), Johan Pottier (SOAS) and Alan Bicker (Kent)
Location: SOAS, University of London.

ASA 1999

Title: Elite Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives
Convened by: Drs. Cris Shore and Steve Nugent
Location: Goldsmiths College.

ASA 1998

Title: Indirection, Intention and Diplomacy
Convened by: Prof. Joy Hendry and Dr. Bill Watson
Location: University of Kent.