ASA Decennial Conference - Anthropology and Science

List of panels

The panels are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname of the convenor or the contact convenor where there is more than one.

Click on the convenor name below to view panel and paper abstracts, and full available contact details of the contact convenor.

Abram: Siting, policies and the use of science/technology as politics by other Means

Bicker, Sillitoe: Beyond science: approaches to local knowledge in development

Bolton/Sykes: Anthropological perspectives on anatomy and dissection

Born: Creativity and innovation in art and science: Alfred Gell and after

Brandtstädter: “Scientific socialism”, rational planning and local knowledge: the postsocialist experience

Campbell: Food, science, and anthropology

Cohn: Seeing and knowing: the use of images in scientific practice

Corsin Jimenez, Janev, Berg: Aw(e)ful and fearful knowledge: ethnographic responses to the industries, machineries and technologies of science

Durand: Anthropology and parascience

Dyck, Armstrong: Sport, science and society: anthropological perspectives

Fairhead, Leach: Science, policy and struggles over African health and environment

Fairweather: Makers of meanings and repositories of knowledge museums in the post-colonial era

Franklin, Nash: Genealogical hybridities

Gledhill: Anthropological knowledge, technologies and the critical analysis of contemporary rural transformations in Latin America

Gooberman-Hill: The science of functioning bodies

Green, Vitellone: Making and abstracting numbers: the culture and politics of counting

Hayden, Barry: Disembedding politics: technoscience and the problem of political representation

Heintz: Cognitive anthropology of science

Henley, Read: Beyond observational cinema – again…

Huby, Hart: Negotiating virtual realities: anthropology in and for the science of health services research

Hughes-Freeland: Technology and performance: production, reproduction and reception

James, Hockey: Technologies of re-membering: constituting life courses, past, present and future

Kaur: Nuclear worlds

Knox, Fumanti, Langer: New methods in the anthropology of science and technologies – postgraduate perspectives

Koerner: 20th century physics, international human rights legislation, and conceptions of human agency

Kwon: Perspectivism from anthropological perspective

Lambert: Anthropology and medical science: notions of evidence

Littlewood: Social anthropology and psychiatry

Macdonald: Exhibition experiments: technologies and cultures of display

Melhuus, Howell: Kinship beyond biology

Mills, Spencer: Making anthropologists: education, training and disciplinary reproduction

Milton, Knight: Science and personhood

Morus, Heatherington: Why are bodies machines?

Navaro-Yashin, Jean-Klein: Politics and truth

Parkin, Hsu: Religion and science

Patel: Science and the cultural politics of reproductive technologies

Saunders: Materializing colour

Simpson, Sexton: Between micro realities and macro ethics: what might an anthropology of contemporary biomedical ethics look like?`

Skinner, Eade: Science, risk and discovery

Wade: Race, ethnicity, biotechnology and science