ASA Conference 2004, Durham - Locating the field

List of panels

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Plenary A: Field worries by Ulf Hannerz

Plenary B: Diaspora, cosmopolis, global refuge: three voices of the supranational city by Nigel Rapport

Plenary C: Christian global by Webb Keane

'Those who can, teach': a workshop for postgraduate tutors and new lecturers in anthropology

Producing fields, selves and anthropology

Scalarity and the cross-sectional imagination: orders of magnitude, projection, and consequentiality in the organisation of social relationships

The 'disappearing' of anthropology in a surfeit of 'the social'

Mobilities in question: new sites/sights of feminist ethnography?

Fluid-scapes: places of motion and change

The materiality of metaphor: tensions between landscape and ‘landscapelessness’

Local knowledge in development: problems and prospects

Inside or outside? Locating the boundaries of anthropological practice

Communities in cyberspace

Mobilities and modernities


Movement, place and boundaries: representations by and of ‘Gypsies’



Returning home

Mobilities and embodiment

Constructing the local

Questioning diasporas

Labour migrations

(Post-) socialist fields

Places and identities

Pagan places

Hosts and guests

Writes de passage

Belonging to the land

Moving image