ASA Conference 2004, Durham - Locating the field

'Those who can, teach': a workshop for postgraduate tutors and new lecturers in anthropology

Convenor: C-SAP, Centre for learning and teaching Sociology, Anthropology and Politics

Panel abstract

This workshop is aimed at both new and experienced graduate teaching assistants (TAs), and newly-appointed lecturers. As well as discussing the dynamics of small-group teaching and ways of dealing with problems that can arise (eg students not doing the reading!), it will also offer a number of practical exercises on assessment and student feedback. There will also be a chance to discuss creative alternative ways of running tutorials.

The session will end with a brief review of the contractual, support and career development issues faced by TAs and fixed-term lecturers.

The workshop will be run by David Mills (C-SAP), & Allen Abramson (UCL)), and is a repeat of the workshop offered in 2003 at both UCL and the 'Future Fields' conference in Oxford. If you would like further details, please contact