ASA06: Cosmopolitanism and Anthropology

ASA06 logo10th - 13th April 2006, University of Keele, UK

Conference convenor:
Prof Pnina Werbner, University of Keele, P.Werbner(at)Ā 
Conference organiser:
Sean McLoughlin, Leeds University


The ASA's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with its annual conference, in Keele.  The proceeds of the conference will be published in 2008, as an ASA monograph.

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Keynote speakers included Stuart Hall, Andre Beteille and Elizabeth Colson.
Plenary speakers and chairs: Joel Kahn, Jonathan Friedman, Richard Fardon, Richard Werbner, Chris Hann, Marilyn Strathern, Richard Wilson, Birgit Meyer, Bruce Kapferer, Jonathan Parry, Alan Macfarlane, David Graeber.