ASA06: Cosmopolitanism and Anthropology


* denotes a double session

  1. Cosmopolitan Cities: from cultural turn to spatial turn – John Eade
  2. (Tourism panel cancelled)
  3. Popular Music and Cosmopolitanism – Sara Cohen
  4. Cosmopolitanism and Museums – Ian Fairweather
  5. *Cosmopolitanism and Development – David Mosse
  6. Interpretive communities and Cosmopolitanism – Andrew Smith
  7. *Environmental Cosmopolitans – Ben Campbell
  8. Material Culture and Cosmopolitanism – Emma Tarlo
  9. *Youth and Cosmopolitanism – Mattia Fumanti
  10. Cosmopolitanisms in the Indian Ocean region – Helene Basu and Zulfikar Hirji
  11. *Religious and Moral Frameworks for Cosmopolitan Relations – Keith Hart and Huon Wardle
  12. Diasporas and Cosmopolitanisms – Andre Levy
  13. *Elites and Cosmopolitanism - Anne-Meike Fechter and Stefanie Lotter
  14. Cosmopolitan Places and Landscapes – Katharine Tyler and Cathrine Degnen
  15. *Syncretism -- Sharing or Tolerance? The Politics and Pragmatics of Mixed Holy Places – Glenn Bowman
  16. *Cosmopolitanism, Existentialism and Morality - Lisette Josephides and Alex Hall
  17. Cosmopolitanism in Practice: Issues and Dilemmas when Applying Anthropology - 'Apply'
  18. Methodological Approaches to Cosmopolitanism - Mark-Anthony Falzon
  19. Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents - Dr. E. Kirtsoglou and D. Theodossopoulos
  20. The Cosmopolitics of health - Stefan Ecks and Ian Harper and Rebecca Marsland