ASA16: Footprints and futures: the time of anthropology

Throughout the conference

Lab01, Calman - Kingsley Barrett

This is in fact an exhibition which will run throughout the conference in one of the catering locations. So grab a tea and browse the exhibition...

Book exhibit, Earth Sciences catering space

Delegates are invited to browse the titles, and talk to the publisher representatives. The support of the publishers is an important part of putting on the annual conference, so please do take the time to visit their stands, and talk to their staff.

Monday 4th July

19:30-20:45 Welcome reception, Durham Cathedral Cloisters

Welcome wine reception with an address from Durham’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Stuart Corbridge. During the reception Durham’s own Gamelan Orchestra will perform in the Undercroft adjacent to the Cathedral cloisters.  A Gamelan is a whole set of musical instruments found all over South East Asia but especially on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali.  Almost all of the instruments of the Gamelan are percussion instruments, most of them made from bronze or iron: gongs, metallophones and chimes of various shapes and sizes. There are also bamboo flutes, a xylophone, drums and more.  The Durham Gamelan uses instruments from Central Java.

Tuesday 5th July

21:00-23:00 Aye Cayote, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3AN

The extraordinarily talented musician and performer Tim Dalling will present his latest one man show which brings together biographical reflection with  shamanism, music and more than a sprinkling of the surreal.
Watch the trailer here:

Wednesday 6th July

13:00-13:55  APPLY network meeting, Science Site/Maths CM107

The APPLY network is for all those seeking to use anthropological theory and practice to applied ends, both inside and outside the academy. Recognising the wide range of contexts in which anthropology is practised, and the diverse conditions and constraints under which practising anthropologists work, we aim to explore ways in which the network can best reach its constituency and support anthropologists working in applied fields. Please join us in discussing proposals for taking  the network forward.

16:00-18:00 The ASA's Annual General Meeting, Calman - Rosemary Cramp

All members of the ASA are invited to attend the association’s AGM. Come and have your say in ASA business.

18:00-18:30 MUP Book launch, Earth Sciences, Book Exhibit area

Manchester University Press is inviting ASA delegates to celebrate the book launch of Exoticisation undressed: Ethnographic nostalgia and authenticity in Emberá clothes (Manchester University Press 2016) by Dimitrios Theodossopoulos (wine and nibbles provided).
This innovative ethnography makes visible the many layers through which our understandings of indigenous cultures are filtered, and their inherent power to distort and refract understanding. The book focuses in detail on the clothing practices of the Emberá in Panama, an Amerindian ethnic group who have gained national and international visibility through their engagement with indigenous tourism. The very act of gaining visibility while wearing indigenous attire has encouraged among some Emberá communities a closer identification with an indigenous identity and a more confident representational awareness. Through reflexive engagement, Exoticisation undressed exposes the workings of ethnographic nostalgia and the Western quest for a singular, primordial authenticity, unravelling instead new layers of complexity that reverse and subvert exoticisation.
The book will be introduced by Professor João de Pina-Cabral (University of Kent).

18:30-20:30 'Alternative banquet', La Spaghettata/Fabio's (66 Saddler Street Durham City, County Durham DH1 3NP)

Those not attending the formal conference dinner, might wish to avail of the tables reserved for ASA participants at La Spaghettata in the centre of Durham, where they are offering a two-course menu for just £10.90. Why not go along to network with other delegates, over an economic dinner?

19:45-21:45 Conference dinner, Collingwood College

This will be a three-course meal served with wine and coffee. Tickets for the conference dinner needed to be booked in advance when registering - no new tickets can be purchased during the conference. However we will run a banquet ticket exchange (for those with no special dietary requirements) in NomadIT's office during the conference. So if you wish to try and buy/sell, it's worth popping in to ask, although we cannot guarantee success.

21:45-00:30 Ceilidh, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3AN

Hopefully those who still have the energy, will shake a leg at a traditional northern dance to the accompaniment of one of our local Ceilidh bands - no experience necessary and lots of fun guaranteed.  

Thursday 7th July

12:00-13:55 Anthropology of Britain meeting, Science Site/E005 (Engineering Building)

  12:00-13:00 Meeting to discuss 'Brexit and its implications for the anthropology of Britain'; chaired by Jeanette Edwards (University of Manchester) - meeting is open to ALL.

  13:00-13:55 Small Towns, Austere Times by Steve Hanson

The ‘Anthropology of Britain Network’ meeting is open to ALL.
This will be a short talk, followed by an open discussion, on the ethics and politics of community research for the disciplines of Social Anthropology and Sociology. This talk and discussion will centre around the example of the author's first book, Small Towns, Austere Times and the piece he was subsequently asked to write by the Centre For Urban and Community Research (CUCR) at Goldsmiths, who hosted the book's launch event in October 2015. In it, he explores the territory of disciplinary ‘risk’ in a provocative way. Hanson will reflect in this talk on key themes of his new book but also in light of some of the issues raised in the reflective piece written for CUCR.
CUCR article:
Sample book chapter: