ASA Directory of members

The ASA's online Directory of Members is a networking tool available to paid-up members of the Association.  If you are not a member and wish to obtain member information, please email admin(at)

Two important notes before proceeding to the directory:

  • Bear in mind that the directory will be searched on the basis of keywords, so compose your entries in the interest fields on that basis: words or short phrases are more likely to come up in searches than long complex sentences.  Please separate your keywords with commas.  Try to stick to the separation of interests over the three fields: Regional, Research and Fieldwork.  An example would be "Norway, Scandinavia"; "politics, history"; and "Oslo migrants 1997, Tromso youth 2003". Perhaps browse existing entries before updating your own, to see how it works.

  • The 'Publications' section allows you to increase the information the Directory shows in your profile, through uploading the references (as well as URLs and PDFs) of your work to-date.  Our outgoing Secretary has obligingly uploaded a large portion of her publications to her profile, to serve as a good example of the capacity of this side of the online directory.  So after logging in, do search for Simone Abram and drill down to view her profile!

We hope you will find the directory useful and easy to use.  Invest time in it now and it will serve you well over the coming years as the content grows.

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