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Name: Hassan Aboutayeb
Present employer: Freelance
Languages: English, Arabic, French, Berber (native)
Interest:  Berber culture of Southern Morocco, sustainable development in southern Morocco
Practical: Berber culture of Southern Morocco, sustainable development in southern Morocco

Name: Dafne Accoroni
Languages: native Italian- English-French
Interest: Medical Anthropology/ Islamic Religion and culture
Practical: Imminent fieldwork in Paris and Dakar
Note: degree in philosophy

Name: Chakra Pani Acharya
Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi
Present employer: National Planning Commission secretariat
Interest: development anthropology, povery monitoring
Practical: impact evaluations of projects, programs, policies on poverty reduction

Name: Dr Patrick Alexander
Present employer: Oxford Brookes Unversity
Languages: Fluent Spanish
Interest: Anthropology of education; anthropology of age; anthropology of youth and childhood; ethnography; social theory Practical interests of skills: experience in applied social research across a range of fields

Name: Dr Vibha Arora
Present employer:  Jesus and Mary College, Univ of Delhi
Languages: English, HIndi, Punjabi, Nepali, Urdu, elementary Tibetan & Bengali
Interest: South Asia including the Himalayan region and the Tibetan disapora. Dpecializations include environment and development, gender, ethnicity, social movements, knowledge systems, visual anthropology, medical anthropology.
Practical: work experience in the social development sector at the South Asia level, and activism (gender, environment, and livelihood).

Name: M.Ram Babu
Present employer: Ph.D Scholar, University of hyderabad
Languages: English, Telugu,and Hindi.
Interest: Acton Anthroplogy,Indegenous Knowledge Systems,Dalit and Tribal Culture in India.
Practical: Action Anthropological interventions in tribal bevelopment, and in the issues of Displacement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement problems of the tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh.
Note: Interested in collaboration

Name: Dr Zulfiqar Bachani
Languages: English, Sindhi and Urdo (local)
Present employer: Sindh Education Foundation a semi-autonomous wing of education Department
Interest: understand education and development and its links with social justice
Practical: Participatory Action Research

Name: Dr Juliet Bedford
Present Employer: Anthrologica / School of Anthropology, University of Oxford
Web Address:
Areas of interest: Africa and South / Southeast Asia, medicine and healthcare, disability, stigma, perceptions of illness and healing, interface between biomedicine and local healthcare contexts
Practical: Anthrologica is a small research-based consultancy focusing on the applied anthropology of healthcare

Name: Dr. Iaki Martin Bermejo
Languages: spanish, basque, french
Present employer: Fisheries Researcher and Software & Human Sciences
Interest: Fisheries, Software and Methodologies and policy
Practical: 10 years among fisherman and 7 years into administration of Basque Government
Note: I'd like to research in U.K. about fisheries and communnity

Name: Sandy El Berr
Languages: English, Spanish, German
Present employer: ZEF (Center for Development Research)
Interest: Latin America, North Africa, Integrated Water Management, Intercultural Communication, Indigenous & Local Knowledge, Action Research, PRA, Participative Methods, International Cooperation

Name: Jenny Blain
Present employer: School of Social Science and Law, Sheffield Hallam University
Interest: contested 'heritage' and Britain's 'new indigenes', paganism and new religions, sacred landscapes, consciousness, social theory, gender, sexuality

Name: Dr Tamsin Bradley
Present employer: London Metropolitan University
Languages: english, basic hindi
Interest: Antropology of Development in South Asia, gender, religion and development, the use of ethnographic techniques in grass roots development practice. Disability and international development
Practical: My research is looking practically at the link between religion and development practice. My PhD thesis constructed a methodolgy to improve the effectiveness of NGO practices.

Name: Andy Brydon
Present employer: Universtiy of Manchester
Interest: Japan, Collection and Display, Contemporary Arts, Modernity in Japan, Tactical Arts
Practical: Film Production (5 yrs industry Experience)

Name: Dr. Sal Buckler
Languages: spanish (basic), french (basic), bureaucratese (advanced)
Present employer: City of Sunderland Council. Also Hon. Research Associate, Durham University
Interest: UK, Gypsies and Travellers, policy, comparative moralities. Methodological approaches - narrative and story telling, social aesthetics, art as a research method
Practical: policy research, interface between quantitative and qualitative data, interpretation of data (rhetoric and numbers)

Name: Cristobal Cabo Cahn-Speyer
Present employer: Marketing
Languages: english/spanish
Interest:  Internet in Latin America, postcolonial studies, digital art, telecenters, I.T in rural development...

Name: Leah Ciancio
Present employer: University of Western Australia
Languages: English & Italian
Interest:  Anthropology of Governance, Anthropology of Disability, [Governance of Disability], Multi-Sited Ethnography, Auto-Ethnography, Middle Class negotiation of disability services with respect to people with intellectual disability
Practical:  6 years work in the WA Disability Sector in Recreation Provision and Systemic Advocacy re people with disabilities from non-English Speaking backgrounds
Note: Phd Candidate, UWA Discipline of Anthropology & Sociology

Name: Carlo Cubero
Present employer: Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology, Estonian Institute of Humanities
Languages: Spanis, English & French
Skills: Filmmaking
Interest: Caribbean, Francophone Africa, Western Europe, migration, identity, postcolonialism, anthropology of the senses, visual anthropology, ethnographic cinema, music, tourism  development, urban anthropology.

Name: John Curran
Languages: English
Present employer: Freelance
Interest: Health, mental health, design, branding, consumption, media, organisational culture, policy, social entrepreneurship
Practical: Ethnography, ideation workshops, focus groups, conflict groups, consultancy, mediation, interviews, organisational change. I have also written and presented a documentary on football and nationalism in the 1998 World Cup Finals in France
Note: I am a visiting fellow at Goldsmiths College.

Name: MW Amarasiri de Silva
Languages: English and Sinhalese
Present employer: University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Interest: methodology, theory and applied projects
Practical: conducted many applied projects; currently involved in a project on social reconstruction in the North and East of Sri Lanka
Note: I teach a course on applied anthropology at graduate level

Name: Dr Natalie Djohari
Employer: Substance
Interest: young people, human rights, marginalisation, social inclusion, social suffering, community development and wellbeing, angling and green spaces.
Practical: action research and evidencing in third sector (UK), practitioner research, use of ICT for research, fieldwork in Guatemala and UK.
Languages: English, Spanish (basic)

Name: Dr. Giovanni Ercolani
Web Address:
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian
Area of Interest: Anthropology and Security Studies, Critical Security Studies, Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution, Crisis Management, Social and Political Anthropology , Cultural Studies, Turkey, the Balkans and the Black Sea Area.
Practical: Anthropology and NATO CIMIC Operations.

Name: Samantha Evans
Present employer: Charity Commission for England and Wales
Languages: English
Interest: Legitimacy; Regulation; Neoinstitutionalism; policy formation, interpretation, and representation; western bureaucratic conceptualization of charity; audit society; Canada and UK
Practical:  Work Skills:Policy analyst, Goverance auditor, Operational Manager. Research Skills: Participant Observation, Observant Participation,Interviews, Archival/documental research, Story collection, focus groups. Areas of expertise:Retail, Prisons, Charities and Charity regulation.

Name: Dr Trisia Farrelly
Present employer: Massey University, New Zealand
Languages: English, basic Italian, Greek, French, Fijian (Bouma dialect)
Interest: Oceania, indigenous/local methodologies (e.g. vanua research framework [Fiji]), phenomenology, cultural hybridity, sentient ecology, indigenous oceanic culture; indigenous epistemologies, indigenous development, local micropolitics and decision-making in development, community-based ecotourism, national parks, human-environment relationships, indigenous methodologies, indigenous social entrepreneurship.
Practical: Understanding the complexities of local perceptions of community-based development.

Name: Dr Rachael Gooberman-Hill
Present employer: Medical Research Council's Health Services Research Collaboration, University of Bristol
Interest: health & illness, mobility, ageing, health care provision, teaching qualitative research methods
Practical: ethnographic methods including observation, participant observation & interviewing

Name: Iain Grant
Languages: English, rudimentary German
Present employer: Affinis LbD Ltd
Interest: Combining quantiative and qualitative methods
Practical: Application of Anthropological methods and thinking in Business

Name: Sergio G. Grasso
Present employer: IMONT - The Mountain Institute of Italy (Governamental Organiztion)
Languages: ITA, ENG, ESP, FRA
Interest: Food and gastronomy
Practical:  TV and food-writers

Name: Laura Griffith
Present employer: SOCCUL, University of Sussex
Languages: French: basic, Sylheti functional
Interest: Regions: UK and SOuth Asia. Interests: Multiculuralism; ethnographies of maternity;medical pluralism; racism and cross-cultural conflict
Practical: Focus groups, public health surveys, community ethnography, investigating organizational culture. Language teaching and undergraduate tutor

Name: Dr Fiona Harris
Languages: English & Sarawak Malay
Present employer: NMAHP Research Unit, University of Stirling
Interest: Religious change, belief & sociality, ethnicity, folk models of 'modernity' in Southeast Asia; health professionals and medical practice in Scotland; developing innovative research methods from arts-based communication
Practical: Participant observation, interviewing, focus groups

Name: Dr. Carolyn Heitmeyer
Present employer: University of Sussex
Areas of interest: South Asia, reproductive and maternal health, health activism, human rights, qualitative methods
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati

Name:N'Deane Helajzen
Email: Unknown
Present employer: Unknown
Areas of interest: Africa, South East Asia, Melanesia and the Caribbean. Medical anthropology, medical pluralism, perceptions of illness and healing, urban anthropology and popular culture, gender and social inclusion, application of ethnographic methods and thinking in business (consumer research). Medical anthropology, medical pluralism, perceptions of illness and healing, urban anthropology and popular culture, gender and social inclusion, application of ethnographic methods and thinking in business (consumer research).
Note: PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.

Name: Stephen Herron
Present employer: N.I. Assembly
Interest: Anthropology of the military, military health, defence, violence, politics, ethnicity, education and the anthropology of sport
Practical: Using anthropological knowledge in applied research
Note: PhD Student Queens University Belfast.  PhD Research Title: The Role and Effect of Violence on the Ulster Defence Regiment in South Armagh. Fellow of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society

Name: Travis Hines Hedwig
Languages: English music
Present employer: Hope Community Resources
Interest: Medical anthropology, disability studies, identity politics, education, ethnography, circumpolar north
Practical: cross-cultural disability service delivery in rural communities, culturally relevant community health programs and curriculum development
Note: MA program in Applied Anthropology, University of Alaska Anchorage

Name: Dr Mils Hills
Languages: English, French, Mauritian Kreol
Present employer: Cabinet Office - Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS)
Interest: Policy, concepts, scenarios, risk, communication, defence, security, innovation, creativity, Mauritius, ethnicity, identity, post-modernism
Practical: fieldwork, policy making, scenario planning, crisis management, executive development, issues management

Name: Dr Stacy Hope
Languages: English, French, Portuguese
Present Employer: University of East London
Present position: Visiting Fellow
Interests: Sustainable Development, Amerindian personhood, Guyana nation-state, Sustainable Mining.

Name: Dr Jane Hubert
Languages: English, French, Portuguese
Present Employer: Honorary Senior Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, UCL, London; Honorary Senior Researcher, Division of Mental Health, St George's, University of London.
Recent reseach: 250-300 hours of participant observation with men with severe intellectual disabilities and mental health problems living in a locked ward.
Interests: familial, social and cultural aspects of severe intellectual disability; the lived experience of institutionalisation and the effects of institutionalisation on individual and social identity; cultural attitudes, beliefs and practices; social exclusion; indigenous claims for the repatriation of ancestral remains.

Name: Claudia Ituarte
Languages: Spanish, English and French
Present employer: Mexican lawyer studying a MPhil in Social Anthropology in Cambridge
Interest: Indigenous people, traditional knowlege, environment and human rights. Mexico, Latin America. Interested in articulating national and international law with indigenous peoples' knowledge and legal systems regarding biodiversity.

Name: Kabir, Md. Humayun
Languages: Bengali, English, Japanese (learning)
Present employer: Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, MS Student, Hiroshima University, Japan
Interest: religious impact on society, media and global trend
Practical: journalist for two years in Bangladesh Television

Name: Monica Janowski
Languages: French, Italian, Polish, Bahasa Malaysia, Kelabit (Borneo tribal language)
Present employer: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Interest: South-East Asia (long-term fieldwork in Sarawak), Polish community in UK, environmental anthropology, anthropology of health, migration, food
Practical: communications (esp. radio) and development; have made a number of radio series for BBC World Service and local FM radio stations
Note: I have worked on a number of multi-disciplinary research projects in Africa related to the use of natural resources and to health

Name: Peter N. Jones
Languages: English, Spanish
Present employer: Bauu Institute and Press (
Interest: indigenous peoples, natural resources, intellectual property, media, technology

Name: Dr Eswarappa Kasi
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi and Kannada (Manageable)
Present Employer: University of Hyderabad (Guest Faculty)
Interest: Livelihoods, Natural Resources, Marginal Communities, Ethnographic Discourse, and South Asia
Practical: Livelihoods, Natural Resources, Marginal Communities, Ethnographic Discourse, and South Asia

Name: Rene Kaufmann
Present employer: GIM- Innovative Market Research
Languages: English, German, French
Interest: Consumer research, popular culture, everyday life ethnography, visual anthropology, economic anthropology, postmodern critique
Practical: Experience in fieldwork methods, applying anthropological knowledge to economic, marketing related questions and tasks
Note: German Anthropologist working in the marketing research field

Name: Murad Khan
Present employer: NGO Director
Languages: Pushtoo, Urdu, English
Interest: To create an ideal society based on full respect for human rights in which all men and women and especially those living in poverty may exercise their rights and utilize their resources for sustainable human development.
Practical: provide services to the vulnerable communities through participatory approach.
Note:  I have a strong desire to work for the betterment of humanity and dedicate my services to all who are needy, poor and dependent on others. I am sincere to my commitment and wish to find out friends and partners any where who give me support/advice and facilitate me for achieving the same target. I am a anthropologist and I wish to offer my hands to other anthropologists for commitment and devotion for the development of our society because they are the social doctors.

Name: Susie Kilshaw
Present employer: University College London
Interest: Medical Anthropology, Gulf War Syndrome, Recently emerging illnesses, health scares, anthropology and psychiatry
Practical: participant observation, fieldwork, focus groups, Worked as an anthropology consultant for the NHS

Name: Sadie King
Present employer: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
Interests: UK voluntary sector/public sector/ mental health, Activist Anthropology, communities, trade unions, Group Relations, Ethnography, Evaluation methods and techniques, Participatory methods, Mental Well-being Impact Assessments, West Africa, Young people, The culture of work and partnerships, System Dynamics, Teaching self-evaluation to organisations, Reflective planning, Life and work histories

Name: Charles Mackenzie St George Kirke
Present employer: Cranfield University
Interest: Applied anthropology in the military
Practical: Modelling human organizational culture
Note: Specialist area - the British Army at unit level 

Name: Helen Kopnina
Present employer: Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Interest: transnationalism, globalization, migration, tourism, identity; Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia
Practical: teaching in broad areas of culture and organization studies, cross-cultural communication and tourism and recreation management
Note: might be interested in participating in international research

Name: Richard Linington
W: :
Present employer: Planning Solutions Consulting Limited
Interest: Helping companies and organisations to understand the surface and latent needs of people in the context of their everyday lives to create new understanding and insight, which helps companies develop products, services and experiences which meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Name: Rachel Lehrer
Interest: applied anthropologists and their applied studies

Name: Mille Lund
Languages: Functional Indonesian & Bengali. Fluent: Danish & English
Present employer: Independent consultant in Indonesia
Interest: South and South-East Asia. Corporate Social Responsibility. Indigenous/local knowledge in development assistance. Bridging the research-policy gap
Practical: 4 years experience managing participatory processes of formulation and management of multilateral development assistance in Asia

Name: Agita Luse
Languages: Latvian, English, Russian
Present employer: Institute of Philosophy & Sociology, University of Latvia
Interest: Regional: Latvia, post-socialist countries in Europe; Thematic: Gender and mental health. Representations of mental distress. Self-help groups. Cross-cultural psychiatry; Methodological: reflexive ethnography, narrative analysis; Theoretical: Concepts of self and agency related to social change
Practical: I am interested in how anthropology can contribute to health promotion policies

Name: Christine McCourt
Present employer: Thames Valley University
Interest: health, institutions, consumerism, metnal health, women's health, maternity and childbirth
Practical: various!

Name: Jonathan McKee
Present employer: none
Languages: French, English, Amharic, Portuguese, Spanish, German
Interest: Ethiopia, Africa, ethno-entomology, ethno-botany, continuums of plant use
Practical: Applied ethno-botany in the context of development projects in Africa (maintenance and strengthening of local crop diversity, botanical pest management, ethno-veterinary medicine); Food aid dependency and destructive impact of food aid on traditional safety net mechanisms

Name: Ruth Malleson
Present employer: Dept of Anthropology, University College London
Areas of interest: West/Central Africa, Indonesia, forest livelihoods, natural resource management, smallholder farmers
Skills: monitoring and evaluation, participatory action research
Languages: English, French, Pidgin

Name:Christel Mattheeuws 
Present employer: Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Department of Anthropology
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Malagasy
Interest: Madagascar, participant observation, holistic sciences, life-centric approaches to development and progress particularly in the context of environmental issues.
Practical: introducing life-centric approaches to development and progress into development research and its applications in UK and Madagascar

Name: Nilika Mehrotra
Present employer: JNU,New Delhi,INDIA
Languages: hindi, english,spoken oriya
Interest: Disability, gender studies. Tribal development issues in India, Qualitative methodologies
Practical: NGO sector, impact assessment analysis

Name: Dr. Sudhakar N. Morankar
Present employer: Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Learning Amharic in Ethiopia
Interest: Medical Anthropology, development and impact assessment, ethnography, Reproductive and sexual health,Infectious diseases Asia, Africa
Practical: 27 years Research & teaching medical and development Anthropology in India. Since October 2004 teaching in Jimma University, 30 publications, developing proposals, conducting studies, developing tools and techniques, publishing papers and books
Note: Presented 12 papers in international conferences in Americas,Europe, Mexico and South Asia

Name: Anna Ohannessain-Charpin
Present employer: Free Lance
Languages: French, English, Armenian, Arabic (speaking only)
Interest:  Development Anthropology and qualitative social analysis
Note: Work in International Development Projects on social issues ; specially, nomadic populations, land issues, heritage sites and local communities involvement.

Name: Michael E. O'Neal.
Present employer: Senior Research Fellow, Island Resources Foundation
Your web address:
Areas of interest (regions, methodologies, theoretical): higher education administration, tourism and development, family enterprise, Caribbean
Practical skills: family enterprise advising/consultancy (Certificate in Family Business Advising, Family Firm Institute)
Languages: English, Spanish.
Biographical Note: I am an anthropologist and former college president, currently serving as Senior Research Fellow at the Washington, DC-based Island Resources Foundation as well as a director in a family business. (See

Name: Dr Miguel Angel Palau
Languages: English, Spanish
Present employer: Pacific Ethnography Co.
Interest: Business Anthropology, marketing, applied anthropology in business, product development, ethnography
Practical: 5 years in experience in business anthropology in high technology companies and massive consumer

Name: Desirée Pangerc
Languages: Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Bosnian, Spanish, Slovenian
Area of Interest: Anthropology and Security Studies, Anthropology of Development, International Cooperation, Migrations and globalization, the Balkans
Practical: Anthropology of illegal migrations along the Balkan routes (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Name: S.M. Patnaik
Present employer: Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi
Languages: Oriya, Hindi, English
Interest: Displacement, rehabilitation and social change studies, anthropology of development and NGOs, Anthropology of tourism in South Asia
Practical: Supervised and directed research projects on NGOs, Cultural and Ecological changes among tribes of North East, Implications of Tourism in Nagaland and Vulnerability of Tribes to HIV/AIDS
Note: Heading an association of professional anthropologists in India i.e. Indian Anthropological Association, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi

Name: Sarah Pink
E: Unknown
Languages: Spanish, English
Present employer: Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University
Interest: Britain, Spain, gender, the home, consumer ethnography, visual anthropology, sensory anthropology
Practical: use of visual methods and media in applied research, visual (film, photography and more) and hypermedia dissemination of visual research

Name: Amy Pollard
Present employer: Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute
(doing PhD in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University in September 04)
Interest: bridging research and policy, development, civil society, multilateral organisations
Practical: international development, communications technology

Name: Dr Michael Steven Poltorak
Languages: Tongan, Spanish 
Present employer: Brunel University
Interest: Medical Anthropology, cross -cultural psychiatry, vaccination, ethnography of the South Pacific and the UK, science society interactions, public health, hospital/healer interactions
Practical: Participation observation, PAR, consultative and collaborative methodologies, epistemological dialogue

Name: S Ponnarasu
Languages: Tamil, English, Telugu
Present employer: IFP. French Institute of Pondicherry, India
Interest: Medical Anthropology, Social Change
Practical: like to work in various parts of the world, visual Anthropology

Name: Pushpraj Ignatius Prabhakar
Languages: English, functional Hindi and a Russian neoliterate
Present employer: On a contract with M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai, Tamilnadu, South India
Interest: Interested to work in Africa and Islands. Had been working wide spread in South India, Participatory Research, video graphy, Social Capital, Local Governance,Social Structure and ethnography, Development.
Practical: Have made a film on Andaman island dwelling tribe; facilitating Focus Group Discussions; application of anthropological knowledge for sustainable 'development'
Note: Currently undertaking a study on Role of Self-Help Groups in Development: Social Capital and Rural Development for the above mentioned Foundation

Name: Dr. Audrey Prost
Present employer: Medical Research Council
Languages: French, Tibetan, German
Interest:  Himalayas, South Asia, Infectious Diseases, Medical Anthropology
Practical: HIV prevention; epidemiology & anthropology

Name: Marta Puig-Samper Castro
Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese
Present employer: none
Interest: Gender and Economics. Labour Market and Human Rights
Practical: Excellent interpersonal skills, creative and reliable when working as a part of a team; I am a social and supportive person, good communicator in English and listen attentively to people. I enjoy informing, training, helping and caring for others.
Note: My preliminary studies in law combine to raise the importance of equality, human rights and political agenda in my views. I specialised in research and study of Gender issues during my final year courses in Anthropology

Name: Suresh Bendone Ramchandraiah
Present employer: PGS
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
Interest: Urban/Complex Societies, Indian sm

all towns in the new economic scenario
Practical: Participant observation, Content and Meta analysis

Name: Stephanie Riak Akuei
Languages: English, Dinka, German, Italian, some Nuer and Arabic
Present employer: Independent/University College London
Interest: Africa and North America; Asylum seeker, refugee, and resettlement issues; Local adaptation; governmental and international policy frameworks and constraints; psychosocial issues; preventive health
Practical: Needs assessments, project management, legal consultations, interpreting/translation (Dinka, German, Italian), grant assessments
Note: available for short- and long-term projects

Name: Dr Simon Roberts
Languages: Hindi
Present employer: Ideas Bazaar
Interest: Print and broadcast media; technology; organisational culture; social software; anthropology as vocation
Practical: Participant observation, observation, focus groups, creative workshops, interviews

Name: Dr. Martyn Rogers
Employer: The Open University (UK) & freelance
Interests: South Indian youth culture; The visual and material culture of Tamil film; masculinities; negative workplace behaviours and harassment in the UK; the embodiment of identities.
Practical: Qualitative methodologies; ethnography & auto-ethnography; narrative and discourse analysis; post-structuralist analysis of visual and material culture.

Name: Dr Rina Sherman
Languages: English, French, Afrikaans, Otjiherero
Present employer: Independent
Fieldwork: Cultural Heritage, Intangible Culture
Interest: Ovahimba Studies, Otjiherero Language Speaking Peoples
Practical: Visual Antropology, Ethnography, Photography, Applied Anthropology

Name: Dr Ravinder Singh
Present employer: National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, New Delhi
Languages: English
Interest:  Medical Anthropology/Physical Anthroplogy/Indian dalit Children

Name: Dr Sara Skodbo
Present employer: Department for Transport
Languages: Norwegian and English
Interest: Technology and society (genetic engineering, transport, enforcement). Multi-sited ethnographic and deliberative methods. Crime and policing.
Practical: Policy-research interface; qualitative research in government research setting.

Name: Suzanne Stein
Languages: English (familiarity with French, Turkish and Spanish)
Present employer: Everyday Life
Interest: methodologies, theoretical, applications to media evolution and technological innovation
Note: 8 years experience - both academic inquiry and corporate application

Name: Olivia Swift
Interest: Philippines, India; IT, shipping, dance
Practical: editing, journalism

Name: Erin B. Taylor
Present employer: Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa / Editor at PopAnth: Hot Buttered Humanity Web
Areas of interest: Material culture, economic anthropology, technology
Practical interests: Financial behaviour, technology use, mobile money
Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (intermediate), French (beginner), Kreyol (beginner)

Name: Maria Tighe
Languages: English, Irish, beginner level Cantonese
Present employer: Brunel University/ NHS doctoral research assistant
Interest: ethnographies of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine provision and use among the Chinese community in the U.K. Cultural identities and the health of Chinese women in the U.K.
Practical: Background in nursing, midwifery, health visiting and complementary therapies (reflexology & reiki). Interest and skills in community health and community development

Name: Dr Kathryn Tomlinson
Languages: Russian, Meskhetian Turkish, some German
Present employer: Senior Research Officer, National Foundation for Educational Research
Interest: refugees, inclusion in education, practitioner research, post-conflict areas, post-Soviet

Name: Lyn Turner
Present employer: ACQI

Name: Diana Jane Barbara Young
Present employer: self employed /affiliated UCL as research fellow
Interest: Material culture and environmental design. Application of anthropological research in material culture, spatial cognition, place and landscape to design briefs for buildings and environment.
Practical: Designer, trained as architect. Doctorate in social anthropology specialising in material culture. Combining these two approaches to provide innovative consultancy and design, including housing, exhibitions, schools.

Name: Therese A Dillon Warden
Present employer: Buffalo State College
Interest: closed institutions, prisons, psychiatric hospitals
Practical: development of consumer based not for profits, self help evolution, founder and president of the largest not for profit for mental health consumers in NY state, i am PhD, MSSS and RN

Name: Muhammad Rafique Wassan
Present employer: TVO ( Trust for Voluntary Organizations)
Languages: Sindhi,, Urdu, English, Seraiki
Interest: Reproductive Health..Qualittaive Reseach methods
Practical:  Participatory Research and Development

Name: Mary Wickenden
Present employer: Institute of Child Health, University College, London
Interest: Medical anthropology, anthropology of disability, in western and non-western settings.  Particularly the application of community based approaches to service delivery for disabled children and adults
Practical: Health professional, lots of teaching experience and practical experience of working with families, in UK and South Asia

Name: Yongjun Zhao
Present employer: Department for International Development (DFID)
L: Chinese, English
Interest: China, SEAsia, Africa, anthropology of institutional development, governance, environmental anthropology, sustainalble livelihoods
Practical: institutional analysis on poverty reduction and environmental governance, project management, decentralization and service delivery, fiscal reform
Note: I would like to exchange views on how to develop the new field of organizational anthropology