Organisations and societies


The Society of Applied Anthropology  (see their ethics page)

The National Association of Practising Anthropologists

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA): A special interest group of the American Anthropological Association

British Sociological Association

CASS Centre for Applied Social Surveys (CASS); website includes details of training courses, both theirs and links to others

Centre for a Public Anthropology

Monitoring and Evaluation News; a news service focusing on developments in monitoring and evaluation methods relevant to development projects and programmes with social development objectives. (Sponsored by Oxfam, Christian Aid, etc.)

The Market Research Society; with over 8,000 members in more than 50 countries, The Market Research Society is the world's largest international membership organisation for professional researchers and others engaged or interested in market, social and opinion research

Anthro-Globe bibliographies; however the remainder of site is temporarily offline

Research users and commissioners in the UK

The Department of Health's Research and Development homepage

The Scottish Executive's Central Research Unit

Social research organisations

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR); leading UK independent think tank on the centre left. Through our well-researched and clearly argued policy analysis, reports and publications, our strong networks in government, academia and the corporate and voluntary sectors and our high media profile, we play a vital role in maintaining the momentum of progressive thought.
IPPR offer 4-6 week internships.

National Centre for Social Research; the largest independent social research institute in Britain. It conducts social research among members of the public to provide information on a range of social policy issues in Britain. Has both quantitative and qualitative research departments.


Apply is partnered with Anthropology in Action whose journal focuses squarely on applied anthropology. Read more here.

Current Anthropology has section, Current Applications. You can see it here.

Each issue will contain a short piece that features work being done by anthropologists outside the confines of academic research. Items in this section will present work conducted by anthropologists that addresses the problems and needs of specific communities, collectivities, organizations, and agencies. Rather than being academic in nature, such work is oriented toward application to the purposes of specific social or public groups and often involves their collaboration and participation. This section will demonstrate the great range of such applications at present, showing that they span the whole range of anthropology and that they are conducted in widely different settings around the world.

Job adverts

The Guardian Tues (education) and Wed (society)

Times Higher Education Supplement

UK Open Government website, a good website for information about the various government departments, gives links to just about every government department.

Office for National Statistics; employ a great many social researchers

Society for Applied Anthropology (USA) - good for academic and research jobs in the UK.

Please email suitable links to appanth(AT)